Hoosier Boys State surrounded me with an environment where it was good to excel and achieve. Running on the ticket with Fred Brown as his Lt. Governor candidate helped me to see the importance of staying on message, unity, and focus. The week was truly transformative.

Scott Sutherland, 1981 – Donovan City, Dubois County

Boys State is one of my best memories from high school. My fondest memories are of playing Reveille every morning and Taps at the final program. Boys State taught me about so much more than government; Boys State taught me about strength and independence.

Craig Peabody, 2015 – Conn City, Ayers County

It was one of the best weeks of my life! I enjoyed it so much because everyone around me was just as motivated as I am; it helped me know I’m not the only hard worker out there. It’s really good to know that you’re not the only one out there!

Andrew Jedlicka, 2016 – Delaney City, Werner County

With the power of social media, I have created friendships with people that will last a long time. I remember when I lost Superintendent of Public Instruction in the primary and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. But I stayed positive and campaigned hard and got elected State Senator!

Jack Russel, 2009 – Noblesville City, Hamilton County

Hoosier Boys State was a busy week that was filled with fun, meeting many new friends and in-depth learning about our government processes. It was an amazing experience that I reflect on often during my AP Government class and as I prepare to vote in a National election for the first time.

Jonathan Kunkel, 2016 – Tolan City, Bartlett County

I had a great time learning about the government and meeting new people. HBS really helped me come out of my shell and allowed me to be myself around other people. I had a great time meeting people I will never forget!

Ethan Edwards, 2016 – Firkins City, Werner County

I had a great time – learned a lot of the complexities of the election process and the effects of the relationships you build.

Bret Austin, 2013 – Firkins City, Werner County

I learned a lot about skills such as parliamentary procedure. I also met many other young men who were interested in politics. I also became better appreciative of those who serve our country. It truly was a “week to shape a lifetime”.

Andrew Hoffman, 2016 – Henderson City, Napier County

I had an amazing time at Hoosier Boys State. Not only did I learn a great amount about the way our state government functions, but I made some lifelong friendships. This truly was a week to shape a lifetime.

Joe Gavin, 2016 – Koutz City, Ayers County

I loved it! I thought it would be fun, but I met a lot of new friends and learned that the government is hard work but if you love to do it it’s fun.

Jackson Bond, 2016 – Werner City, Firkin County

It was great how people from all over the state came together, and didn’t know each other, but bonded and got a lot of cool and amazing stuff done.

Alex Flores, 2016 – Delaney City, Werner County

I had a very enjoyable time trying to help get fellow Fritz City resident Chris Reidy elected Governor, even though he was the other party’s candidate.

Eric Vermeulen, 1984 – Fritz City, Amos County

Met tons of incredible people!  Had fun working with the other 5 county commissioners to assign positions.  The softball tournament was awesome and I loved all of the guest speakers.  Truly a week to shape a lifetime!

Chris Zeheralis, 2015 – Delaney City, Bartlett County