Frank M. McHale Scholarship

2017: Three scholarships worth $800 each

Mr. Frank M. McHale served as Department Commander of the Indiana American Legion during the year 1927-1928. When Mr. McHale passed away, he donated a sum of money to Hoosier Boys State for the expressed purpose of allowing three (3) Hoosier Boys Staters, annually, financial assistance to pursue their college education.  Each year, these three Hoosier Boys Staters are chosen to receive the Frank M. McHale Scholarship by select members of the Hoosier Boys State Staff.

To apply for the Frank M. McHale Scholarship, a Boys’ State delegate must complete the scholarship application contained in the delegate’s packet or here. The completed application must be submitted to the delegate’s city counselor when they arrive at Trine University. The names of scholarship recipients will be announced during the awards ceremony on Friday.

*The amount varies on the interest rates at the time of program.