• When is HBS?

HBS officially starts on Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 1 pm and will go on until Saturday morning. However, delegates may turn the Standard Release form found in the Attendance Packet on our Important Forms page and leave after the closing ceremony held on Friday.

  • What time should I get there Sunday?

Hoosier Boys State registration starts at 9 am and goes on until 1 pm in The ARC. While it is preferable to get there between these times, it is understandable if delegates arrive late due to a situation that has arisen beyond their control. Should this be the case, we would appreciate being contacted ahead of time so we can have arrangements made when you arrive. The Hoosier Boys State office is in Indianapolis and can be reached at (317) 630-1264. If a situation happens the day before or the day of Hoosier Boys State, the number we can be reached at is (260) 665-4965.

  • Where will HBS be held?

The program is hosted by Trine University located in Angola, Indiana, just off U.S. Highway 20. For directions, click here.

  • What type of clothes should I bring?

We only request and that you bring a pair of dark slacks for pictures and the closing ceremony on Friday. Delegates are heavily encouraged to bring formal wear should they run for offices, if you are aiming for a higher office you may want to bring a few days worth. After all, they want to make a good impression for those precious votes! Other than that, the delegates should bring casual, comfortable clothes. There will be time for athletics so delegates might want to bring sports gear.

  • Should I bring anything else?

Things that are necessary to bring include: bed sheets, linens and pillows. An alarm clock is not necessary but can be useful. A fan should not be needed since most of the dorms are air-conditioned (the ones that do not are currently being upgraded).

  • Do I need money?

You do not need to bring a lot of money, if any. The 300 dollar fee covers room, meals, a t-shirt and a photo. However, if you are interested in purchasing an HBS DVD the cost is $25 and additional shirts are dependent on the kind purchased. Additionally, the delegates are restricted to the campus, so some counselors offer “Walmart runs” to gather last-minute supplies. Worst case scenario, the delegate should not need more than $50.

  • What can I do if I drive there?

We encourage delegates not to drive. However, we realize that some circumstances call for delegates to provide their own transportation. In this case, delegates must register their car at the HBS office and park their car in a secured parking lot provided by Trine University. Once they are checked in, they MUST turn their keys into the counselors. This is for safety and liability reasons as they are not allowed off campus during the program.

Note: While the parking lots are secured, Hoosier Boys State and Trine University are not responsible for any damage sustained to the vehicles. Also, some legion posts actually provide transportation to and from Trine University. Please check with your sponsoring American Legion Post for details.

  • Who should I contact in case of an emergency during Hoosier Boys State?

You can contact our office on Trine’s campus, held in Reiner Hall, at (260) 665-4965 or fax us at (260) 665-4283. You can also contact Trine University Security Police at (260) 316-1877.