Potential participants to the Hoosier Boys State program must complete their junior year of high school and will start their senior year after the summer break. These gentlemen are considered among the best in regards to leadership potential and are recommended by their respective school administrators in cooperation with local American Legion representatives.


Hoosier Boys State a program that encourages learning through participation. As a result, we are looking for active, well-behaved young men who are leadership-capable, open-minded and driven to make a difference in their communities.


Once a high school student has been selected, he will have a sponsor that pledges 300 dollars for them attend. Please note that the money is committed whether the delegate attends or not. As a result, it is important to us that expected attendee spots are as full as possible. So please plan accordingly in conjunction with commitments at other summer camps, ACT/SAT or school functions. To get the full experience you have to be here from beginning to end.

If something unexpected has happened where you cannot attend, or must leave early in the week, please notify your district chairman or us ASAP so an alternate can fill your spot.

If you feel like you could be a good candidate, or know someone that could be, apply!

There are two ways to apply. Either you can print out the form here and send it to your local American Legion, or you can apply online.