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We advise having all applications in by May 1st.

We appreciate your interest in attending Hoosier Boys’ State. We truly believe the program is “a week to shape a lifetime.” Before you start the application process, please download and print the Enrollment Packet. The packet contains four pages – the Cover Page, an Enrollment Guide and the Processing Form (two pages). Keep the Cover Page and Processing Forms together as you will have to submit them to your local American Legion post, or District Chairman. Keep the Enrollment Guide as it will help you maneuver through the enrollment process.

Please do not fill out the application until you have done this important first step. Once you have completed this step, check the box below to continue. Thank you again for your interest!

Click to download the Enrollment Packet now!

Note: Please do not use school emails. We suggest using personal emails to ensure you receive all email updates.

Applicant Information

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Please include anything that might impact your stay at Hoosier Boys State. This can include, but is not limited to, allergies (peanuts, bees, etc.), food restrictions (ex. gluten-free food), etc.
If yes, we will need the blood drive form filled out by a parent before you arrive.

Parent or Guardian Information

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School Information

American Legion

Please fill out this section only if you are in direct contact with the American Legion post.

Additional Notes

Please note that any inaccuracies may impact your selection to attend Hoosier Boys State.